14 August 2020

Top Tips to Secure Remote Working

Make it easier for users to get started

With the help of Sophos Phish Threat attack simulator – an advanced security testing and training platform helps to reduce risk from IT’s largest attack surface for the users.

The Sophos Phish Threat attack simulator and training platform is managed alongside other Sophos security solutions within Sophos Central to provide rapid risk detection and incident response.

“With Sophos Phish Threat, IT managers now have sophisticated, integrated threat intelligence that combines the strength of Sophos security technologies with a product that tests, trains and analyzes human vulnerabilities. This creates a very powerful solution for businesses struggling to keep ahead of organized cybercrime and preventing users from succumbing to phishing attacks

Scan and Secure Email and Establish Healthy Practice

With a virtual mailbox, your Email’s protection is a priority and guaranteed. Your mail arrives at highly-secured facilities guarded by security guards with cameras in every corner.

As for the operators handling your mail and packages, they are all certified employees with years of experience. Only you should have access to your mail, and now only you will! You can shred & recycle any sensitive document, bank statement, or any critical mail that needs to be taken care of. Don’t let your mail fall into the wrong hands by handling it the right way.

Managing your mail just became much more comfortable with Sophos Email Scanning service. Protecting your users from the latest identity theft, password and banking scams, and other incidents. Sophos helps keep users productive by intercepting all emails containing suspicious content, attachments, or URLs.

The layered defense of Sophos Email Appliance provides advanced protection against spam and phishing attacks. Sophos Time-of-Click protection blocks malicious email URLs to protect against stealthy, delayed, spear phishing attacks. It secures every URL, in every email. Support for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC blocks spam and phishing attacks spoofing legitimate sender domains or hijacking the email domains of trusted senders.

Enable Use of Cloud Storage for Files and Data

Cloud storage allows data to be accessible and available anywhere, any time, meaning that those working from home – or in another remote area away from the office – can still do their jobs effectively.

Obviously, the main benefit is that every member of the team can access the information they need, and can update it in real-time, as required. Managers can also see exactly what everybody has uploaded, downloaded and what they’ve changed, creating the kind of visibility that they probably don’t even see within the office.

Sophos Cloud Storage makes it easier to use the SafeGuard Enterprise module that offers file-based encryption of data stored in the cloud.

Ensure devices and system are fully protected

Protection of your devices & systems with Sophos will ensure full protection for your remote working employees and your home network Integrated, hardened Linux operating system Runs on Intel-compatible hardware.

Swan provides antivirus to protect all the computers in your home with the free Sophos Home. The same antivirus, malware protection, and web filtering technology trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses is now yours to take home which helps Stop malware, viruses, ransomware, and malicious apps. It blocks unwanted web content, phishing attacks, and easily manages remote computers from virtually anywhere. It also works on both Windows PCs and Macs.

Create a secure connection back to the office

Swan is facilitating remote working along with Sophos. Sophos XG Firewall and SD-RED devices provide businesses, schools, hospitals and other organizations with multiple solutions for secure remote connectivity.

Employees can have access to applications, email and resources on the network from their own home, just as if they were onsite. And, you can keep them safe with features like web filtering which controls access to websites containing harmful and inappropriate content. An alternative solution for connectivity from home is Sophos SD-RED.

These low-cost Remote Ethernet Devices create a secure Layer 2 VPN tunnel to a central XG Firewall. SD-RED makes a great remote access solution for connecting remote sites, as well as for individual employees who deal with particularly sensitive information, such as executives.

Control mobile devices

Let your employees work the way they want, on whatever devices they want with end to end security. Ensure business data doesn’t go adrift and isn’t threatened by malware. Swan provides Sophos Mobile Protection Solution which is easy to configure, manage, and maintain.

Sophos Mobile is a secure Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that helps businesses spend less time and effort to manage and secure traditional and mobile endpoints. The only UEM solution that integrates natively with a leading next-gen endpoint security platform, Sophos Mobile supports management of Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Sophos Mobile lets you secure any combination of personal and corporate-owned devices with minimal effort especially when users are working from home their personal macOS, Windows 10, or mobile devices to work, the flexible self-service portal lets them enroll their device, reset passwords, and get help – with no involvement from IT, making your life easier.

Make sure people have a way to report security issues

It’s everyone’s job to protect the workplace and the organization from the impacts of a cyber security incident. This includes economic, legal, reputational, or even physical harms that could occur from theft, breach, ransomware, denial of service, or other kinds of attacks.

Regardless of how minor an anomaly might seem, it’s important to report incidents to the company’s security team so they can investigate possible risks. That team is of course responsible for establishing security policies and protocols for the organization and making sure that all employees are aware of them.

But the security team can’t be everywhere. That’s why it’s critical for all employees to act as the eyes and ears of the organization and report incidents if they occur.

Even if something doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, security professionals know to look for clues and breadcrumbs that non-tech savvy people likely won’t.

Swan along with Sophos provides the Security solutions with unmatched Defense Against Malware, Exploits & Ransomware for your remote working employees.

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