Fast Tracking Your IT Projects

Swan as a system integrator works together with clients, hardware OEMs and solution ISVs to deliver IT outcomes. Our project team works with the IT team of clients to help procure, configure, and operationalize IT infrastructure on premises. Our services enable clients to complete projects for datacentre modernization and configure hyper-converged infrastructure. We assist to exploit the power of virtualization and ensure business continuity and data security. We also help clients discover cost optimization models of consumption-based IT.

  • Networking

    • LAN
    • WAN
    • WIFI
    • Campus Networking
    • Branch Connectivity

    Networking plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency, productivity, and success of an organization. A well-established campus network facilitates sharing of documents and enables seamless communication and collaboration among teams. Companies of every size, ranging from small businesses to corporate campuses, branch offices and large corporations, rely on us for advanced and high demand IT networking solutions.

    We take pride in being a premier networking company, specializing in comprehensive solutions for Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and cutting-edge Wi-Fi implementations that deliver scalability and high performance. We also specialize in the realm of Campus Networking and Branch Connectivity and commit to providing unparalleled solutions to meet the demands of modern businesses. Partner with us to empower your enterprise with reliable, secure, and high-performance networking solutions.

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  • Data Centre Modernization

    • Compute
    • Network

    Your organization’s performance is tied to the effectiveness of its data and applications. Data centre modernization is essential for enterprises to deliver secure and reliable services online as well as maintain security, compliance, and operational efficiency within. It also enables businesses to elevate their operations, while ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data.

    Architect modern cloud-based networks that drive digital transformation across the business. Discover how modern computing infrastructure can propel your enterprise into the future.

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  • Hyperconverged Infra

    • Compute

    Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is an intelligent software-defined, unified system that combines all the elements of a traditional data center: storage, computing, networking and management. HCI optimizes your IT infrastructure, scales resources, and storage, all while reducing complexity and costs.

    Hyperconvergence is good for enterprises that have invested in virtualization technologies and require reliable data protection and storage networks. We enable enterprises to deploy HCI technology that makes administration and maintenance of infrastructure easier and ensure smooth run of all operations.

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  • Business Continuity

    • Disaster Recovery
    • Backup

    Business continuity services are vital to maintain data integrity, meet regulatory compliance, and ensure business stability. This approach helps enterprises protect their data, ensure 24/7 availability and also recover from disruptions instantly and effectively.

    Leverage our extensive experience in robust disaster recovery and backup solutions to resume to normal even in the face of unexpected disasters. Secure your IT estate, data systems and ensure uninterrupted operations of critical business services.

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  • Virtualization

    • Server Virtualization
    • Server Consolidation

    Virtualization has revolutionized the exponential power of infrastructure for servers, storage, and networks to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency, flexibility, and agility for businesses. Optimized virtualized environments are helping companies make higher returns on IT investments.

    We work with your team to design, deploy, maintain, and optimize the performance of your virtualized assets. Our experience in large scale projects works to your benefit to drive home the full benefits of virtualization.

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  • Consumption Based IT

    • Green Lake

    The consumption based IT services, based on the ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach, lead to cost savings when compared to traditional, fixed-cost IT models. This flexibility is particularly valuable when dealing with seasonal fluctuations or rapid growth.

    Harness the power of consumption based IT services to control costs, optimize resource allocation, and adapt to changing technology needs. Our robust IT solutions, include networking, security and collaboration services, to help businesses meet their technology requirements without overprovisioning.

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  • Cyber Security

    • PIM
    • NAC

    As enterprises handle large volumes of sensitive data such as customer information, transaction records, financial and intellectual information, cyber security solutions are crucial to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of real-time data systems, prevent unauthorized access and defend against evolving cyber threats.

    Harness our cyber security solutions that help enterprises enhance their Network Access Control (NAC) measures, deploy Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solutions and other IT security resources. Our end-point cyber security solutions monitor access partners to identify suspicious activity and thwart misuse or compromised credentials.

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  • Containerization

    • Kubernetes
    • Ansible
    • Open Shift
    • Tanzu

    Containerization solutions are meant for organizations seeking to modernize their IT infrastructure and streamline application development and deployment. Organizations adopting containerization experience improved agility, faster time-to-market, and increased operational efficiency.

    Dive into a world of unparalleled efficiency and flexibility with our cutting-edge containerized solutions. Unleash the power of seamless scalability, rapid deployment, and resource optimization. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, our containerized solutions help you navigate the dynamic landscape of business with agility and ease.

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  • Cloud Services

    • Hyperscaler
    • Public Cloud

    Cloud computing solutions transform the way organizations operate and gives a competitive advantage. Tapping into the realm of on-demand cloud computing helps save costs while also boosting efficiency, reliability, scalability, and data security.

    Discover a spectrum of cloud services that suit your data requirements and realize the value of your investment. We have partnered with Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud to provide complete hybrid cloud solutions for your enterprises. Unlock the next level of growth and innovation by getting to the cloud and accelerate your digital transformation goals.

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