Powerful container orchestration platforms simplify the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. They help organizations scale their applications easily and ensure they can handle varying levels of traffic and workloads efficiently. At Swan, we support the deployment of applications in a highly planned and fault-tolerant manner. Automatically reschedule containers in the event of node failures, ensuring available and responsive applications. Get the full business value of your container ecosystem with leading container orchestration platforms.

Our team boasts extensive experience in crafting and managing numerous containerized environments to deliver distributed architectures. Discover more about containerization solutions to streamline the use of your applications and services. Also benefit from our adequate training and support for users in managing these applications.


Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform that streamlines the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes allows businesses to scale applications and services dynamically based on demand, during peak times or scale down during quieter periods, thus optimizing resource usage and lowering costs. Our team will procure, install and manage the tools within the Kubernetes environment to enforce governance around security, operations and cost management. Harness the power of tailor-made and secure Kubernetes clusters.


In the ever-evolving landscape of automation and orchestration, Red Hat’s Ansible Automation Platform is the first step towards a more streamlined and improved platform management experience. Blending flexibility and powerful capabilities, the Ansible Automation Platform is instrumental in simplifying complex IT tasks. Rope in our teams to help elevate your IT operations with transformative Ansible containerization solutions.

Open Shift

Red Hat’s OpenShift container platform is an open-source application deployment platform that is based on Kubernetes container orchestration technology. Consider your shift to this industry-standard, multi-platform Kubernetes container management. Rope in our team to procure, install and manage your digital transformation with OpenShift.


Tanzu helps eliminate cross-cloud Kubernetes management silos and simplifies, secures, and optimizes Kubernetes operations on any cloud. As Tanzu supports multi-cloud deployment, enterprises can run their containerized applications across different cloud providers. Leverage our expertise in deploying VMware Tanzu Containerization to help your organization unlock the full potential of containerized applications.


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