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Delivering Business Outcomes since 1989

About SWAN

Leveraging Our Talent To Meet Your Goals

Since 1989 we have continuously evolved to keep meeting the IT goals of our customers. We have been with our customers through their journey from IT as an enabler to IT as a catalyst for seamless scaling.

Our key strength is our ability to align ourselves intimately with your goals and work tirelessly to achieve the desired outcomes.

Swan’s team is empowered, qualified, and experienced to deliver IT solutions for compute, network, storage, and security.

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Our Expertise

  • Consulting is a core service that entails analysis and design of solutions to deliver your key outcomes. We understand the prime outcomes that drive your business and possess the talent and alliances to help achieve goals. We understand the importance of agility, economy, governance and an overarching need to enhance customer expectations.

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  • Making IT work for you is our mission and we work with your team to execute turnkey projects spanning the entire spectrum of your digital transformation plans. Our alliances with the topmost OEMs is complemented with our experience and resources to manage projects across the globe.

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  • Our suite of managed services ensure availability, business continuity, performance and security of IT applications. We’ve the talent, tools and processes to keep your IT assets performing optimally round the clock non-stop. Leave routine IT tasks to Swan and let your IT team focus on higher priority tasks.

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Our Purpose

We Deliver Your Outcomes

  • Agility

    Giving enterprises the agility to stay ahead of competition and relevant in their industry. Accelerating innovation by ultra-quick provisioning and identity management solutions.

  • Customer Experience

    Leveraging technology and mobile applications to enable the execution of a host of transactions anywhere and anytime and enhance the overall customer service experience across various sectors.

  • Economy

    Integrating technology in day-to-day operations to optimize processes and achieve a more efficient and economically sound business.

  • Governance

    Effective IT governance to guide management and decision-making within an organization and ensure business operations align with enterprise goals and objectives and adhere to stipulated laws.