04 September 2020

How can customers benefit from shifting to SAP on Azure?

With over 90% of Fortune 500 using Microsoft Azure and SAP, there seems to be a mutual understanding between the 2 technology giants over their 25-year partnership that is dedicated to ensuring the success of the customer.

In light of the recent announcements that Azure and SAP have made, there has been an increase in the confidence that upcoming solutions will help customers using SAP on Azure grow and innovate even more than they already are. According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study, it was found that SAP customers on Azure, on average, can realize an ROI of 102% with payback on their cloud investments in under nine months.

Below are five reasons that SAP customers are leaning towards Azure for their digital transformation, and a few examples on some customers who are benefitting from this transformation.

Five Benefits of shifting to Azure with SAP

  • Business Agility

    With Azure’s on-demand SAP certified infrastructure, customers are able to speed up their testing/development processes, shorten their SAP release cycles and scale instantaneously on demand to meet peak business usage.

    Example: Daimler AG with this transformation was able to speed up its procurement processes to be faster than would have been possible on their on-premises environment. Azure and SAP power 400,000 suppliers worldwide by moving to SAP S/4HANA on Azure’s M-series virtual machines.

  • Efficient Insights

    Dairy Farmers of America migrated its fragmented IT application landscape spread across 18 data centers, including mission critical SAP systems over to Azure. It leverages Azure Data Services and PowerBI to enable remote users easily access SAP data in a simplified and secure manner.

  • Real-time Operations with IoT

    A leading industrial threads company, migrated away from SAP on Oracle to SAP HANA on Azure several years ago, enabling them to optimize operations with even newer IoT-driven processes. With IoT monitoring, they are able to now predict their inventory needs, manufacturing and sales trends more accurately than ever before.

  • Transforming with AI

    Carlsberg, a world leader in beer brewing, migrated 80% of its enterprise applications to Microsoft Azure, including mission-critical SAP apps. By leveraging Azure AI prowess and sensors from research universities in Denmark, Carlsberg’s Beer Fingerprinting Project enabled them to map a flavour fingerprint for each sample and reduce the time it takes to research taste combinations and processes by up to a third, helping the company get more distinct beers to market faster.

  • Mission-critical Infrastructure

    CONA Services, the services arm for Coca-Cola bottlers, chose Azure to run its 24 TB mission critical SAP BW on HANA system on Azure’s purpose-built SAP HANA Infrastructure, powering 160,000 orders a day, which represents an annual $21B of net sales value.

Over the past few years, due to the prowess of azure there has been a surge in customers across all industries and geographies running their mission-critical SAP workloads on Azure Whether its customers in Retail such as Co-op and Coca-Cola, Accenture and Malaysia Airlines in services or Astellas Pharma and Zuellig Pharma in Pharmaceuticals, Rio Tinto and Devon Energy in Oil & Gas, SAP on Azure helps businesses around the world with their digital transformation.

If even you want to implement a digital transformation, get in touch with us below and we can help you with custom-tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

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